What's Wrong With You?

This painting was signed off on the 23rd of July 2010  in Abu Dhabi. By me, Mohammad M. Khatib, a Jordanian artist. It started out as a joyful ride with no plans, just a sketch of a monkey with concerned eyes. He asked me many questions, where’s your light, what happened to the flame, what have you done to yourself? I tried to answer my shrink monkey with every brushstroke I laid on him. 

It took two weeks until we no longer had anything to say to each other, and I signed off what came to be my most precious painting.


This painting is dear to me and my friends, and it’s huge - trump’s huge - 11336 x 14032 pixel, 95.98 x 118.8 cm; so it can hang on your wall and you will see every brushstroke painted.Funny story, when I first showed it to a dear friend of mine he asked me what did you name it? I said “What’s Wrong With You?” he replied “absolutely nothing”

My friend's picture below

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