Agollel Gessa is a music video for the band Qabeela, the title translates to “let me tell you a story” which is basically the whole concept behind the illustration where the lead singer is expressing all his inner conflicts that his girlfriend planted in his brain; things like commitment, marriage, kids, money… etc.
We booked a parking lot in busy Public Park to paint the illustration, it took us about 27 hours to finish.
It was wonderful experience working with so many artists and friends from different disciplines
The song is really catchy, enjoy
This is the final illustration
Few close-ups
Post production team put together this making of, I love that they showed my dedication of this art work to my newly born son Mahmoud
The original composition sketch, the challenge was in laying out the elements in a specific order that flows with the song lyrics and the camera movement; and that’s because the video was shot in one take, yes one take no cuts what so ever, I believe it’s what made this music video so special

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