ADFC – Round 2
A high impact campaign for the 1 st officialMMA league in the Middle East – Abu DhabiFighting Championship – published through UAE major cities through different mediums,happy to announce that I won that account for Memac Ogilvy as it was open for pitching.
This is the final direction our client approvedand featured in media.
That was another direction proposed.
The pitch also included corporateidentity, below is the winner logo
Samples of traditional media adaptations.
Ambient media adaptation - Transparent posterhanged in malls bathrooms mirrors showing a skin cut, when people go to use thesinks they see how their faces would look like with the nasty skin cuts MMAfighters get during tough fights, a cool way to promote the event and getpeople hyped up.
Moh'd M. Khatib: Creative Direction / ArtDirection / Visualizer

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